Creating single page navigation using Navbar



  • Lucas Tsolakian

    Yep that's the way to do it. Also this way you can vary the animation speed for each link: longer durations for closer targets, faster for distant ones on the page. 

    You can do the same with the Scroll stack, the plus is that you can use any stack into it and it will become clickable: image, text etc. Also you can set an offset with the Scroll. 

    Note that you can also use the Nav stack, as I use in the docs page, just check the Scrollspy option. 

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  • steveb

    I've put a scroll stack into an empty menu item and added the ID to scroll to the "about" target. If I add in a text stack it works. But, I lose the hover effect on the text stack.

    If I add a button set to be a button, the scroll stack doesn't work.

    The reason I'm keen to use the scroll stack opposed to the button is for the offset.

    So my next questions are...

    1. Can I add some offset to a button used to scroll?

    2. If not, can I add some hover to a text stack?

    3. Should the button set as a button inside a scrol stack actually work?



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  • steveb

    Worked it out. The button inside the Scroll stack needed the Scroll integration turned off before things would work correctly.

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